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by Brianna on Jun 21, 2017

Looking for anyone who has a Master's in Public Policy

Hello! I'm a recent Willamette grad and I am looking to pick someone's brain about grad school. I'm thinking about getting a Master's in Public Policy, but I would love to talk to someone who has done it prior to going through the whole process. No one in my family has gone to grad school, so I am kind of winging it with the help of internet research at this point. I think it would be great to talk to someone about it. Feel free to respond directly to this post, or shoot me an email at Thanks!

by Jaya on Jun 05, 2017

Jaya offers housing in a beautiful bungalow

Hi there, I have two rooms in the main level of my home bungalow, for rent with a shared bathroom. Rent is $500 monthly, includes utilities, mini fridge in each room and weekly cleaning services. Willamette University is 0.6 miles away or a five minute walk. I'm looking for clean, female roommates only. Available now. Feel free to call or text 405-816-9115 if interested.

by Qi-Lin on May 31, 2017

Looking for Room August - September?

I am looking for a room to rent in Salem, OR for the period approx 5th August - 2nd September (this is negotiable). I am currently studying Law at the University of Oxford, and have been accepted onto a 4 week long internship in NE Salem. It will be my first time in the US so I'm very excited to explore and meet new people!

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