Camp Fire goodies


by Melissa Kreutz Gallardo Staff


January 08, 2019

Hello! My boys Oscar (10) and Gus (7) are selling Camp Fire candy and nut mix. This is our family's fourth year in the program because we love it. Oscar is concerned about the homeless people he encounters in our community, so our Camp Fire leader put him in charge Operation Shoebox which will benefit The ARCHES Project; Gus loves the outdoors and looks forward to our group's camping trip every spring — which, in fact, is what our proceeds of this candy/nut sale go to.

Please let me know if you'd like to buy some candy (Almond Roca, Mint Patties, Almond Caramel Clusters — $5) or Camper Mix ($6) to help support these local kids doing great things. Thank you!

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