“A few staff have contacted me in person or via Facebook to express interest in buying Camp Fire goodies and supporting my kids and their Salem troop. Thank you! P.S. I still have Camper Mix and lots of Almond Caramel Clusters available — hit me up! :-)”


Melissa Kreutz Gallardo shared this story on January 22, 2019

Camp Fire goodies

“We'll see; don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.  But thanks for now.”

“Multiple law students that have successfully graduated and passed the bar have lived at this address. ”

“Sold my item in less than half an hour!  Absolutely love how the item was purchased by a Willamette alum and friend of my new coworker.  Posting on Switchboard was effortless.”


Lisa Wolfson shared this story on May 20, 2018

Sit/Stand Desk - For Sale

“I was able to pass on all of my moving boxes to five people in the WU community. Having folks ready to take them off my hands motivated me to unpack faster!”


Karen Delsman shared this story on May 14, 2018

Moving Boxes

“I found a Willamette student to help me through the switchboard post. Thank you!”

Jay Roadarmel shared this story on February 2, 2018

Enjoy Photography? Help Needed

“The bicycle sold on Craigslist rather than Switchboard.  Always nice to have multiple places to post!”


Sue Corner '90 shared this story on September 18, 2017

Girl's Bicycle for Sale

“A guardian Angel answered our call on that very morning and delivered my daughter to campus...with a smoothie waiting for her no less. She was an alum making me fall that much more in love with Willamette. And wouldn't take a penny. Her character, values and kindness won't be forgotten. Hope to pay it forward. Grateful mom.”

“Was so happy to see my piano go to the good home of a fellow Bearcat Alum.  :)”


Sue Corner '90 shared this story on July 6, 2017

Piano for Sale

“Mattress was picked up within days of the offer.  Thank you!”


Sue Corner '90 shared this story on July 6, 2017

Queen mattress and box springs set

“This offer was picked up on Airbnb before any Switchboard takers jumped in.  Happy for a successful rental for the eclipse!”


Sue Corner '90 shared this story on July 6, 2017

Totality Housing

“Sold quickly for he price I was asking.  Thank you, Switchboard!  :)”


Sue Corner '90 shared this story on July 6, 2017

Queen Bed Frame

“People were hired! We're still hiring though!!”

“Willamette student with outstanding recs applied and was hired for this position.  ”

Lily Driskill shared this story on September 3, 2016

German tutor needed

“Thank you, Prof. Ann M. Nicgorski, for connecting me with your husband for his stamp-collecting expertise!”

Kristine Peterson shared this story on August 7, 2016

Need Philatelic Help in Portland Area

Bryn Berglund reports that Madison Montemayor secured an internship with CBS Local Media. What a fantastic Bearcat connection!”

“Brooke, president of the NYC alumni group, messaged me almost immediately! She not only connected me to a great housing opportunity but also connected me to other alumni in the area. It was a pleasure to meet her in person less than a week later. I couldn't be happier to be a Bearcat! ”


Violeta Martin '12 shared this story on June 19, 2016

Seeking housing in NYC

“I'm looking for career advice now that school is over and the real world looms; it's so encouraging and helpful to have alums pitch in with ideas or contacts!”


Aubrey Means '16 shared this story on April 15, 2016

Looking for Career Advice in Portland, OR

“I forgot and lost my glasses when I changed my clothes in the restroom at gym on Tuesday. When I remembered and came back there to check it, I couldn't get into the gym because it closed at 11pm. I came back next day but I asked people at gym but no one received any lost item. Then I went to Campus Safety to check it but they didn't received any similar glasses that I have had. I couldn't wait to return to Campus Safety to check it every day until someone returned it, I decided to print a notice and posted it around the restroom at gym so that someone can see and return it to me sooner. Few hours after that, someone texted me by SMS to let me know that he/she got my glasses at reception desk at gym. I felt so happy when someone found it and returned it to me and I am so grateful to have nice friends at Willamette!”

Yen Mai '16 shared this story on February 26, 2016

Lost glasses!!

“Thanks to so many for interest in my piano! It has successfully found a home with a member of the Willamette community. I'm grateful.”


Sue Corner '90 shared this story on January 25, 2016

Piano for sale